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Columbia River Walleye

At Jones Sport Fishing we have absolutely fallen in love with chasing tasty Walleye on the Columbia River. Our Walleye season starts in full force during the month of March, and we chase these fish hot and heavy all the way through July. The Columbia River is known both as a place to catch monster Walleye as well as large numbers of great eating size fish. On any given day you could find us pulling crawler harnesses, dragging crankbaits, vertically jigging, or casting swimbaits for these incredible tasty fish.

At Jones Sport Fishing we are full time fishing guides that pride ourselves on working hard to make sure we both put you on fish, and make your day as enjoyable as possible. We have years of experience and have assembled a great team of guides that all share our philosophy. We hope that after you book your first trip with us that you will come back for years of fishing fun. To Book your next Columbia River Walleye adventure give us a call at 208-669-1569 or click on the green Book Online button at the top of the page.

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Columbia River Walleye Report.

The water is high and the Walleye are on the bite. Water temp was 55 today and we had consistent fishing all day for 18-24 inch Walleye. These are great sized Walleye. Fishing will continue to be good all the way through June and we have lots of space open.

Our key to catching fish today was the exact method we wrote about here.

Columbia River Walleye Fishing

We had another good day of Walleye action on the Columbia river today. We had two customers put a total of 15 Walleye and a few bass in the boat! We have openings for Walleye fishing on the Columbia through June.

Columbia River Walleye Report

A slow morning of salmon fishing turned out to be a very good day of Walleye Fishing we ended up with 17 today plus a pile of bass. All our fish were caught today fishing bottom bouncers and worm harnesses. Our number one color today was Chartreuse. We have some open dates for Walleye fishing over the next few weeks. Get with us now to secure your dates.

Columbia River Walleye Report

Today was a bad day to be a Columbia River Walleye or Smallmouth Bass. My self and a buddy hit the river for a few hours today before the wind blew up and had some great action. These fish were all caught on bottom bouncers and worm harnesses. We have openings this Monday and Tuesday to get in on some of this great Walleye fishing. Give our office a call at 208-669-1569 or Book Online Online at

If you want to know how we have been catching these fish check our our write up on How to catch Columbia River Walleye

Columbia River Walleye

We had another great day today chasing Walleye on the Columbia River. The bite was plenty consistent and we also added a bunch of smallmouth bass to the mix today. The Walleye fishing will be good now through June. We still have openings this weekend. 3 seats are open Friday and 2 seats are open Saturday. Give us a call at 208-669-1569 or Book Online at

Columbia River Walleye Fishing Report

We had another good day of Walleye fishing today on the Columbia River. The water level has come up the past couple of days and the bite slowed just a little for us, but we still ended up with a good pile of fish in the cooler plus a few catfish as a bonus. We have Walleye trips open this week and next, plus lots of available dates during May and June. Get in touch with us now to get your Columbia River Walleye trips booked.

Columbia River Walleye Fishing is Heating Up!

Had another great day chasing Walleye on the Columbia River. We ended up well into the double digits for 2 anglers. Most of our fish were 18-20 inches! Nothing beats these great eating Walleye. We have opening over the next two weeks and plenty of open dates in May and June. Get with Dani in our office at 208-669-1569 or Book Online.

Today all our fish were caught trolling worm harnesses. Our key was switching blade colors until we got it perfectly tuned in. For an article that describes exactly how we troll for Walleye click Here.

Columbia River Walleye Fishing Report

Had a great start to our day today before the wind came up and blew us off the river. We had 6 fish in the box the first hour. All our fish were caught pulling worm harnesses on 3 oz bottom bouncers. We have lots of open dates for Walleye now – the end of June.

Columbia River Walleye Report

We continue to see some fantastic fishing for Columbia River Walleye. Yesterday we found most of our fish in just a few locations and concentrating on short trolls where were were getting bites was our key to success. Our fish over the past few days have been spitting up quite a few juvenile pacific lamprey. This seems to be a major food source for our Walleye this time of year. We have been using beads that resemble the color patterns of lamprey on our spinner rigs to sort of try and match the hatch, and constantly changing blade colors until we find the magic combination for the day. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors until you start getting bites.

We have a detailed article on how we go about fishing with spinner rigs for Columbia River Walleye here.