American Falls Bass Fishing

The Snake River Below American Falls Reservoir offers great fishing for Smallmouth Bass.  The abundant food resources in the river create a perfect storm to grow huge numbers of Smallmouth Bass.  Weather or not you are looking to catch a ton of fish or are looking for the trophy fish of a lifetime fishing with us on the Snake River is an absolute blast.  Our Bass fishing kicks off in May when water temps are just starting to reach the perfect temperatures and big females show up on shallow current breaks preparing to spawn.  The pre-spawn period is our best chance at smallmouth over 5 pounds, and during this period its not uncommon to catch a bunch of fish over 3 pounds with a few in the 5 – 6 pound class.  We Primarily fly fish the river on our Bass trips.  Fly fishing for Smallmouth Bass is an incredible experience, but if you prefer to fish with spinning gear we can make that happen too.  

The Smallmouth fishing on American Falls Reservoir can be fantastic!  This is primarily a fall fishery when the bass suspend over open water chasing baitfish.  When these conditions line up 50+ fish days with fish averaging 3 pounds are the norm.  We think the fall Smallmouth bite on American Falls Reservoir is one of the best in the country!  When fishing the reservoir we utilize our power boats to put you on the best spots.  

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