Snake River Trophy Trout Fishing

The Snake River below American Falls Reservoir offers some of the best trophy trout fishing in the country.  This area holds incredible numbers of Rainbow, Brown, and Cutthroat trout.  We often see rainbows that push the 10 pound mark.  If you are looking for a chance at a rainbow trout pushing 10 pounds we really don’t think that there is better opportunity anywhere.

We offer trout fishing year round and utilize both power boats and drift boats to put you on the best fishing areas for the time of year you are fishing.

Power boat trips on the Snake River below American Falls are $250/person with 6 person maximum.  We offer these trips April – July.  These are catch and keep trips, these trout are fantastic table fare as their meat cuts a bright orange color.  Its not uncommon to catch trout 6-10 pounds on these outings, with bigger fish being landed every year!
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Drift Boat trips with an emphasis on fly fishing are primarily offered September – April.  During the fall water levels drop significantly giving us a great opportunity to fish over concentrated fish that a feeding heavily prior to winter.  This is some of the most fantastic fly fishing in the lower 48 as this area sees relatively little pressure, and fantastic catch rates.   Prices for our Drift Boat trips are $650 for one or two people.

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