American Falls Reservoir

American Falls Reservoir has long been known as a trophy trout destination fishery. The world record Rainbow/Cutthroat hybrid was caught here in 2011. This giant fish weighed in at a whopping 34 pounds 11 ounces. Although fish of that size are rare its not uncommon to catch Rainbows, Browns, and Cutthroat/Rainbow hybrids in excess of 10 pounds. Not only are there giants swimming in American Falls there are lots of fish in the 16-20 inch range. Along with amazing trout fishing American Falls Reservoir also has a fantastic perch fishery. Its not uncommon to put 50 or more perch in the boat in a days fishing.

Although there are many ways to fish the reservoir, and many anglers take advantage of some great bank access, we prefer to cover vast amounts of water trolling. We troll minnow type baits, as well as spoons, and worm spinners. Often times we utilize planer boards and downriggers to cover every inch of the water column. American Falls Reservoir is a huge place and sometimes it can take us some time to find fish, but once we do, and that rod goes down we are never sure just quite how big of a fish we are dealing with. Its this exciting nature that makes this fishery so awesome. From Ice off in early March, and continuing throughout the spring fishing can be fantastic. Come early summer trout fishing tends to slow down a little, but the perch fishing is just starting to peak. American Falls offers a great place for family fishing adventures.