Clearwater River Steelhead Fishing Report

We had another great day on Idaho’s Clearwater River. Today was a little slower but the 2 guys I had still managed to land 4 Steelhead and hook a few others. We had some difficult conditions to fish today with rising water, but still had a great day. We have plenty of openings for February and after this water calms down a bit fishing will again be fantastic. All our Clearwater trips are done as employees of Reel Time Fishing.

Clearwater River Steelhead!

Check out this awesome fish from our day today on Idaho’s Clearwater River!  It’s great to see some fish looking like this late in the season. Overall our day was a little slower today, but we found a few of these beauties to play with. All our Clearwater trips are done as employees of Reel Time Fishing. We have plenty of open dates over the next few weeks and it’s looking to be a great February!  Click here for more Clearwater Fishing Information!

If you don’t have a chance to Steelhead fish with us make sure to catch up with us for a Walleye or Spring ChinookTrip!  It’s looking like a good year for both and we will be there to help get you on fish.  83991CC1-6E51-4053-8381-5B1028317A06

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Idaho’s Clearwater is Fishing Great!

This past week has been nothing short of fantastic on Idaho’s Clearwater River.  We had a great week of fishing and my boat landed 19 Steelhead on Thursday alone. All our fish are coming sidedrifting eggs and beads. It is shaping up to be a great February. We have lots of openings over the next few weeks. Get in touch with us to get your Clearwater Steelhead Trips Booked!  For all Clearwater dates we fish as employees of Reel Time Fishing.  For more info on our Clearwater River Steelhead click here

We will be fishing the Clearwater through February before we head East in search of Walleye on the Columbia River. Click Here  for more information


Idaho’s Clearwater River is Fishing great!

Yesterday the Snake, today the Clearwater, with the same awesome results! Fishing today on Idaho’s Clearwater River was fantastic!  The Clearwater had been “out” the past two days due to high water caused by heavy rain on low lying snow earlier in the week, but today the river was just dropping into the prime Steelhead green conditions. As you can see by the pictures we had an awesome day. We work for Reel Time Fishing for all Clearwater dates and between us and the other Reel Time Boat there were 25 Steelhead that hit the net. It’s shaping up to be a great spring of Steelhead fishing. Get in touch with us to get either your Clearwater Steelhead or Snake River Steelhead Trips Booked.

Columbia River Walleye and Clearwater Spring Chinook!

The past few days we have switched back into Walleye mode on the Columbia River and the fishing did not disappoint!  We are still seeing great catches of Walleye and expect the fishing to remain good through the month of June!  We have available dates for Columbia River Walleye Fishing available now so give us a call and let’s get you out catching the best white flesh fish available!




We also have some more great news on the Clearwater Chinook front. June 22nd the Clearwater will reopen to the harvest of adult Chinook ( all Clearwater river dates are done as employees of Reel Time Fishing.). We should see some fantastic fishing for that Thursday- Sunday period, so get with us now to secure your dates!!

Also starting July 1st we will be starting our Upper Columbia Summer Salmon season!  This has turned into one of our favorite times of year. 2 adult limit, warm weather, and the possibility of a great sockeye run make July an exciting month!

Clearwater River Steelhead Fishing Report 2/6/17

Clearwater River Steelhead

Idaho’s Clearwater River Steelhead Report — Fishing on Idaho’s Clearwater River has been absolutely fantastic this past week. February is traditionally the peak of our Spring/ Winter Steelhead season and this past week started with a bang! We work for Reel Time Fishing to run all our Clearwater River Trips, and in fact one on the other Reel Time boats had a 30+ fish day this past week.

We are almost exclusively side drifting now as both yarn/eggs and pegged beads have been our go to setups. We have lots of openings over the next month including this upcoming weekend. We are forecast to have high temps reach almost 50 degrees this week with some sun, so if winter has you cooped up get in touch with us and let’s get out on the water.

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Clearwater River Steelhead Fishing 1/23/17

Clearwater River Steelhead

Fishing this past week on Idaho’s Clearwater River was fantastic. On the Clearwater we fish for Idaho outfitter Reel Time Fishing. With the warmer weather of the week (temps in the low 40’s and upper 30’s with some sunshine) we saw much more consistent fishing.  My boat had double digit hook ups everyday we were out, and even had two customers limit out on Friday.  Speaking of Friday’s customers, they were January’s winner of our monthly free trip giveaway!  If you want a chance at winning a free trip with us make sure you click the following link Win a Free Trip!

Again we had our best success side drifting with both bait and pegged beads, with a 70% to 30% favoring the beads.

All of the fishing effort is still takeoff place below the North Fork, as the upper river is still very impacted by ice.

Now through the end of February is our absolute favorite time to fish the Clearwater and we have quite a few openings over the next 6 weeks.

Give us a call or text for availability at 208-861-0654, but all final booking will go through Reel Time Fishing.

To view our old Clearwater River Reports Click the following link Past Clearwater Steelhead Fishing Reports

Clearwater River Steelhead Fishing Video

Clearwater River Steelhead

Here is a video that we put together from a recent trip. While the weather can be cold, December and January are some of our best fish catching months!  We have lots of room the last week of December and the entire month of January.

All our Clearwater trips are done as employees of Reel Time Fishing. Give us a call or text at 208-861-0654 for availability, but all final booking will go through Reel Time Fishing.

Clearwater River Steelhead Fishing Report

Clearwater River Steelhead

We had a great day Idaho’s Clearwater River yesterday chasing big beautiful B-Run Steelhead.  The river is in prime shape and fishing is good. December and January are two of our most favorite months of the year to fish the Clearwater as the fish have gone into their “winter” mode and are holding in predictable places.  Looking back over the years my boat has had more double digit days during the months of December and January than any other time during our Steelhead season.  All our fish yesterday were caught side drifting eggs and yarn combinations.

During the cold water months of December, January, and February we focus our fishing on the slow and deep portions of most of the holes we fish. Clearwater Steelhead in the winter are trying to conserve as much energy as possible, and because of this slow presentations in deep holes, the slow edge of the seam water, and long gentle tailouts leads to the most success.  Also this time of year we really prefer to fish bait, such as cured roe, as the added smell and taste of good bait will often wake these fish up.

The other reason we truly love this time of year is the lack of competition from other anglers. Yesterday we saw only 3 other boats fishing and only had one drift boat fishing the 7 mile stretch of river we fished.

We have limited openings next week, and then lots of availability during January.  All our Clearwater trips are done as employees of Reel Time Fishing. Give us a call or text at 208-861-0654 to check availability. All final booking is done through Reel Time Fishing. img_0716 img_0750 img_0754

Clearwater River Idaho Steelhead Fishing Report

Check out this awesome video some customers of ours did with footage from their recent fishing trip with us!  The Clearwater has had some up and down days the past week, but overall fishing remains good. We have open boats over the next few weeks. All our Clearwater trips are done as employees of Reel Time Fishing, and all final booking needs to be done through them. Give us a call at 208-861-0654 to check on availability. For information about prices check out