Keeper Sturgeon

Sturgeon are one of the best eating fish that swims in freshwater and we have multiple options to put you on top of these awesome fish.  We fish the Columbia River Gorge, Dalles Pool, John Day Pool, and the Hanford Reach.  All the mentioned areas offer fantastic fishing.  Regulations and time of year dictates what section of river we are fishing, so give us a call and lets get you on some keeper sturgeon to fill the freezer.

Season dates

Columbia River Gorge and Columbia River Pool fisheries: January 1 until season closes.  This fishery typically lasts through January and sometimes later depending on catch rates and how fast we hit the small quotas in the pool fisheries.

Hanford Reach: February 1st – July 31st.

Please Give us a Call to book all keeper Sturgeon trips 208-669-1569 as our dates are limited.