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Upper Columbia Sockeye & Summer Chinook

Choose Between Size & Table Fare!

Quick Details

Starts At
Per Person
(Upper Columbia Salmon)
6 Hours
Min. 3 People For Boat
Per Person 8 Hours
Min. 2 People For Boat
Private Charter
(Upper Columbia Salmon)
6 Hours
Up To 6 People
Private Charter 8 Hours
Up To 6 People

From July 1st through to the 31st, we target the Chelan Falls to Brewster Area in Washington depending on water conditions and species!

Summer Chinook are commonly called “June Hogs” and are known for their size and incredible strength. Also during this time of year, we often have great numbers of Sockeye available. What these fish lack in size they more than make up for as table fare.

We often catch both Chinook and Sockeye on the same trip. This is a fantastic fishery and we can’t think of a better way to spend a summer day than fishing the Columbia River in Washington for Summer Chinook and Sockeye Salmon especially during their season!