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Clearwater Steelhead & Salmon

The Premier Fishery Destination For Anglers!

Quick Details

Starts At
Per Person
(Salmon & Steelhead)
6 Hours
Min. 4 People For Boat
Per Person 8 Hours
Min. 2 People For Boat
Per Person
(Steelhead, Fall Chinook & Coho)
8 Hours
Min. 4 People For Boat

Clearwater River in Idaho has the best Steelhead and Salmon fishing and is one of the premier destination fisheries for anglers!

Originating high in the Bitterroot and Clearwater Mountains along the Idaho and Montana Border, the Clearwater River flows west until it reaches its confluence with the Snake River at Lewiston, Idaho. Our preferred method of fishing is side drifting bait, as this puts rods in your hands and really lets you be in control of your fishing trip, but with that said we also like to back troll plugs and bait when the conditions favor other methods!

Idaho’s Clearwater River is home to the famous B-Run Steelhead. These are some of the biggest Steelhead in the entire Columbia River basin and average 12-15lbs with fish topping the 20lbs mark coming to our boats every year. We target Steelhead on the Clearwater starting in October and fishing all the way through early March. Some of our best fishing occurs during the winter months of December, January, and February.

We also target Chinook Salmon on the Clearwater, with most of our effort focused on the Spring Chinook run during the month of May and early June. Spring Chinook or “Springers” as we call them are some of the best table fare that the Columbia River System has to offer and are our most favorite fish to target. These fish average 12lbs with some very large 20-30lbs fish caught every season!