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Snake River Salmon & Steelhead

Tens Of Thousands Of Steelhead!

Quick Details

Starts At
Per Person 6 Hours
Min. 3 People For Boat
Per Person 8 Hours
Min. 2 People For Boat
Per Person
(Steelhead, Fall Chinook, & Coho)
8 Hours
Min. 4 People For Boat

The Snake River is our home and we absolutely love the opportunity to chase Fall Chinook on our waters along the Idaho-Oregon border!

We fish late August and September in the Clarkston area near the mouth of the Clearwater River. Here, the cold water of the Clearwater River meets the often 70 degree plus water of the Snake River forming a cold water plume that is an important thermal relief for our Snake River Fall Chinook. Often referred to as the “Confluence”, this area is a perfect place for us to troll for big Fall Chinook as they wait to head up the Snake River toward their spawning areas. This is a laid back fishery that is great for anyone looking to get on the water and catch big fish. We often have a lot of action during this fishery.

Once Snake River Fall Chinook move out of the confluence and continue their upstream migration, we switch gears and move up river to the Heller Bar area at the mouth of the Grande Ronde River. Here, we mostly side drift bait (mostly cured roe) and catch a combination of Steelhead and Salmon. We typically move upriver to the Heller Bar area the first week of October, but the fishing can be good earlier some years. This can be an action packed fishery with both Fall Chinook and Steelhead likely to be hooked on the same drift. This is one of our most favorite times of the year!

We target Snake River Steelhead in the lower end of Hells Canyon focusing on the river from Asotin, Washington to the Oregon state line. This is a fantastic fishery in which we see tons of Steelhead and Fall Chinook migrate their way to spawning grounds in countless tributaries in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. The Snake River is the Steelhead highway of the west and we put you smack dab in the middle of it. We often see 10+ fish days during the months of October-February. We love to side drift and give you the opportunity to have a quality “hands on” Steelhead Fishing experience.