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Snake & Columbia River Walleye

Best Walleye Fishing In The Country!

Quick Details

Starts At
Per Person 4 Hours
Min. 3 People For Boat
Per Person 6 Hours
Min. 3 People For Boat
Per Person 8 Hours
Min. 2 People For Boat
Per Person
(Steelhead, Fall Chinook, & Coho)
8 Hours
Min. 4 People For Boat

We target the Walleye of Snake River, and near John Day Dam, McNary Dam, and the tri-cities area of Columbia River in Washington!

On the Snake River, we mostly fish in the Lyons Ferry area. Many in the Walleye community believe the next world record fish will be caught around these areas. Depending on when you make your trip, we can either target the trophy Walleye or the great eating smaller fish!

Another great benefit to Columbia and Snake River Walleye fishing is that there is no bag limit. We can catch and keep every Walleye you catch. Walleye are some of the best eating fish that swim in fresh water and make excellent table fare.

January–March is a great timeframe to target the trophy class Walleye and April–July being the best for catching lots of great eating smaller fish. If you would like to experience some of the best Walleye fishing in the country, book your Walleye trip now!