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Hanford Reach Fall Chinook Trip

Referred To As “The Reach"!

Quick Details

Start At
Per Person 8 Hours
Min. 2 People For Boat
Per Person
(Steelhead, Fall Chinook, & Coho)
8 Hours
Min. 4 People For Boat

Often referred to as “The Reach”, fish the best spawning habitat in the main stem of Columbia River in Washington-Oregon!

This area of the Columbia River is the last free flowing section of the Columbia River and is home to some of the absolute best spawning habitat left in the main stem of Columbia River, Oregon. This is where many of the fish we were targeting at Astoria are heading. The Hanford Reach is where these fish will finally stop moving and start to spawn.

We target “The Reach” starting the second week of September and fish here through the second week of October. We often catch some of our biggest fish of the year here as the big males start to get aggressive in anticipation of spawning. This is an action packed fishery targeting big Chinook in the desert of Eastern Washington!