Buoy 10 update, only a few days left to go!

Today marks the start of our final week chasing Fall Chinook and Coho in the Columbia River estuary for 2020. This has been an awesome season so far, and it has been a pleasure to spend some great days on the water with such great people. Our customers are the absolute best and our business would not be growing without their support.

While we have seen some amazing fishing, this season has also had plenty of challenges. We have had some days where we struggled to get fish only to have our day saved in the 9th inning, and other days that we just couldn’t quite come up with the magic formula. Some years this fishery is difficult and this is one of those years, but despite having to work extra hard for fish this year the payday is seeing a 30 pound black and chrome specimen hit the deck.

With the tides setting up great it’s looking like we will have the opportunity to end our season with a bang. The next few days we get soft tides, and great fishing should follow.

While this season is winding down others are just starting to ramp up! We are beyond excited to get back to our side of the mountains and chase fall chinook and steelhead in our favorite fisheries. September will find us both on the Hanford Reach and at the Confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers. We consider both of these locations to be home waters, and we are so looking forward to this season.

Once fall is officially here and the nighttime temps get crisp, you will know October has arrived. October will find us fishing for fall Chinook and steelhead on two of our favorite rivers. The Clearwater and Snake Rivers in October are two rivers everyone should have a chance to fish. We will be targeting the 1-2 punch while side drifting small baits on light rods for both acrobatic steelhead and hard pulling Fall Chinook.

We still have openings during both September and October, and with access to some of the best guides in the inland northwest we can find a way to get you on the water almost every day.

Buoy 10 is off to a Great Start

Our first day of the 2020 buoy 10 season was a huge success. We started off the day on the Oregon side of the River near Hammond. There was a good bite going but it only lasted about a pass, then we managed to just pick up one here and there, and had all our Chinook by 10 am.

Today our hot combinations were both anchovies, and 3.5 Colorado style spinner. We almost exclusively fish with rotating 360 style flashers. This is just a combination that we have a ton of confidence in, and we just like to roll our program.

This is setting up to be a great, although short season down here, and we are excited to se what happens over the next 13 day. Please stay with us on the journey and hopefully we can provide some insight to this incredible fishery. Look for a video from us soon that goes over our setup, and get the full rundown on what gear is working best for us.

Also don’t forget that even though we are full for this years Buoy 10 season, we do still have openings for our Snake/Clearwater Fall Chinook, and our Snake and Clearwater Steelhead season will be upon us before we know it.

Please let us know in the comments below, or shoot us a message on our social media pages with any questions you might have. We always love to help people be become more effective anglers.

Astoria Fishing Report 8/22/18

Astoria Fall Chinook

Fishing has continued to be very good down here in the Astoria, Oregon area of the Columbia River near Buoy 10. We have been putting limits of salmon on the boat for our customers daily.

Astoria / Buoy 10 Fishing Report!

Dani Jones showing that she too can get into the action on the Columbia River out of Astoria, OR. We absolutely love this time of year and have a few open dates left for this August. We have a full boat open the 8th, and 16th. We also have 2 open seats on the 21st, one seat the 22nd, and 3 seats open the 23rd. Book online by clicking Here!

Buoy 10 / Astoria Fishing Report.

Buoy 10 Salmon

We had another great day down here on the Columbia River out of Astoria, Oregon today. The bite was not quite as red hot as yesterday,  but we still managed to come in with a nice pile of fish.

We started our day above the bridge on the Washington side. This bite was not as good as the past few days, but we managed to get a few bites and put one nice fish and a shaker in the net. We found our best bite as the outgoing tide went slack down around the Church hole. This was a short lived bite, but we managed to have a very busy hour. The guys had to get back so we called it an early day.

I still have some openings for 2 people on the 30th, and 31st. That’s Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. These are my last open dates before I call it a season for 2016 at Buoy 10.

We still have openings for Hanford Reach Fall Chinook near the Tri cities, Washington. This is a great fishery with a 3 adult Chinook Limit.  This is a great September and early October fishery.   Click the following link for more information   Hanford Reach Fall Chinook20160823_132905.jpg

Buoy 10 fishing Report

Buoy 10 Salmon

Fishing has really picked up the past two days down here in Astoria fishing on the Columbia River. Today was especially good. We managed to put double digit numbers into the net today and with the upcoming tides this week should see lights out fishing.  I have 2 seats open for fishing on Wednesday 8/24 and 2 seats open on the 30th and 31st. These are my last available dates for fishing down here at Buoy 10 for the 2016 season. Our next stop is the Hanford Reach starting the 15th of September, and bg the looks of things it will be a fantastic year in Eastern Washington on the Columbia River. 20160822_142101

Buoy 10 Fishing Report

Buoy 10 Salmon

Today was another great day out on the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon. We had to work hard for our fish today and we ended up one shy of a limit, but the fish that we did get were fantastic fish. We bonked a 28 and 24 pound fish today.

The bite never really materialized for us today, but we got our fish from the church hole and picked up some on the Washington side of the river above the bridge. Also all our fish were caught on herring today, which is a change from the past few days.

We still have some great dates open. August 15th,17th, 30th, and 31st are still open for up to 4 people, and we have seats open the 16th, 18th, 19th, and 24th. Get in touch with us or book online by clicking on the book now button on our homepage. 20160812_124317


Buoy 10 fishing Report

Buoy 10 Salmon

We had another fantastic day on the Columbia River out of Astoria, Oregon today. We had four customers on the boat and we landed a total of 5 chinook and lost a few more than that.

We started our day fishing above the bridge on the Oregon side and the bite was decent, but not as good as yesterday.  We picked up a few fish here before moving up above Tounge Point. The Tounge Point bite never materialized today as it had yesterday. At about 11 am we moved over to the Washington bank at the ship and got into a decent bite at the tide change.

All in all we had a great day on the water and our customers ended up taking home all of their chinook. We still have some openings down here so give us a call at 208-861-0654 and let’s get you set up for a Buoy 10 fishing trip.