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Wind River and Drano Lake Spring Chinook

Wind River Spring Chinook

Spring is a special time for us, winter is gone, waters are warming, baseball is being played, and most of all we return to salmon fishing.  Spring Chinook fishing is our unofficial new year, as it signals the start of our 7 months of salmon fishing.  We get our first shot at these incredible fish in the Columbia River Gorge fisheries at the mouth of the Wind River and Drano Lake.  Both of these locations are within a half hour drive of Hood River, Oregon.  This location makes this not only a great opportunity to fish for the tastiest salmon of the year, but also a great opportunity to see what other fun things the Columbia River Gorge has to offer.  There are numerous  breweries, wineries, and all sorts of other fun activities for the the entire family to check out.  We have spent quite a bit of time in this area exploring over the years, so if your looking to combine your fishing trip with other vacation activities Dani can point you in some really fun directions.

Both Drano Lake and the Wind River are located on the Washington side of the Columbia River, so you will need a Washington Fishing License and Salmon Catch Card to be legal.  We primarily troll, with prawn spinners and superbaits being our most productive offerings.  These are notably busy fisheries, but the beauty of a guided trip here is that you let us handle the boat and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the fishing.

If your looking for an adventure this spring and you want to make a salmon trip part of that trip let us handle the details and book a trip with us!

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