Clearwater River Steelhead Report 11/30/20

We took most of last week off for the holiday, but we had boats out a few days. The fishing last week was on the slow side. There were fish to be caught, but it was a grind. I was back on the river Saturday and put a few in the boat, but today things really started to heat up. Today was the best egg bite I have had all month. It was so nice to get into a good batch of fish side drifting.

Below is our weekly steelhead video report. Please make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel while you guys are there, and if you have any questions please make sure you leave us a comment.

One Reply to “Clearwater River Steelhead Report 11/30/20”

  1. Nice catchin’ KJ…. I might have to book a drift with ya this month…. it’s getting tougher to get the big “Duck” out with the on and off snow…. I’ll call ya sometime in the next week, to see what ya have open, for the ol’ Irishman….lol

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