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Spring Sturgeon Fishing

Idaho White Sturgeon

The water is up and the Spring sturgeon bite is on for our Idaho Sturgeon fishing trips.  Our two best locations this time of year are the CJ Strike/King Hill area, and our Hells Canyon area.  As the water starts to warm in the spring and the flows are high our sturgeon begin to make their yearly migrations to reach their spawning areas.  These seasonal movements often mean that large concentrations of fish can be in relatively small areas.  Our guides know the best places to be for the conditions to give you the greatest chance of success.  This time of year often also leads to the hardest fought battles of the year, as optimal water temperatures, and high water combine for epic battles of will.  If your interested on one of our Spring Sturgeon trips make sure you click that book online button and take a look at our calendar, and as always if you have questions please give us a call at 208-669-1569.





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