Keeper and Oversize Sturgeon

We offer two different types of Sturgeon fishing trips, catch and release for large oversize fish in the 6-11 foot range on the Snake River in Hell’s Canyon and fishing for the smaller keeper size fish on the Columbia and Lower Snake Rivers.  Both of these trips are an absolutly fantastic way to spend a day on the water that is great for fisherman of all ages and skill levels.

We spend most of our time with catch and release sturgeon fishing targeting the huge fish that call Hell’s Canyon home.  We fish the lower end of the canyon around the Heller Bar area.  We often catch these fish in the 10′ range and have even landed fish larger than that.  It is not uncommon for us to land 5-6 fish /day that are larger that 5 feet.  This is truly a special fishery and battling these monsters is something that every fisherman should experience at least at some point in their life.  We typically run these trips from April-July.

For keeper sized sturgeon we primarily focus on two locations, John Day Dam and the Hanford Reach.  Both of these areas have very abundant sturgeon populations that allow for us to harvest fish on a quota basis.  Most of our fishing in the John Day Dam area is done as a combination trip along with Spring Chinook Fishing.  We typically fish for Spring Chinook in the morning and then target Sturgeon in the afternoon.  The other area we target keeper Sturgeon is the Hanford Reach.  This is the last free flowing section of the Columbia River and offers outstanding sturgeon fishing.  While in this area we often catch all different sizes of fish ranging from 20 inches to 11 feet.  We average about a keeper sturgeon per boat in these fisheries.  These keeper trips area great for families as the action can be non stop all day catch and releasing fish looking for the 43-54 inch keepers.

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