Oversize Catch and Release Sturgeon

Snake River Sturgeon

Who doesn’t want to catch a true river monster capable of peeling off 500 feet of line and leaving you speechless?   We have multiple options available to put you on one of the most exciting fish that calls freshwater home.  If you are looking for the chance at catching multiple 7-10 foot fish a day then you have come to the right place.  We target both the Columbia and Snake Rivers in multiple locations to give you the best opportunity possible.

Columbia River Gorge: The Columbia River between Bonneville Dam and John Day Dam offers some of the best sturgeon action anywhere in the country.  In this area we often see constant action from lots of fish.  We catch lots of fish from as small at 18 inches to 11 feet here, and on a good day of sturgeon fishing we often land 15-20 fish a day with a number of those fish being in the very large oversize range.

Snake River in Hell’s Canyon:  This section of river offers the unique opportunity at great scenery and fantastic fishing.  we often catch 5-10 sturgeon a day here with at least a few of them pushing the 7-9 foot mark.  We have landed some very large fish here as well.  With our personal biggest being a 10’6″ inch monster!

Snake River Below American Falls Reservoir: This is a great section of river that holds a ton of fish.  We see some great catches here and it gives all our Southern Idaho and Utah customers a place to experience these amazing fish close to home.  For a full information page on our American Falls Sturgeon trips click here!

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