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Sturgeon Fishing and Relaxing on the River

The past few weeks have seen us transition from our intense up at 2am, fishing at daylight spring Chinook routine to a much more laid back approach sturgeon fishing, bass fishing, and enjoying the beauty of the lower end of Hell’s Canyon. We have been having a blast catching fish ranging from 4-9 foot sturgeon and averaging 50 + bass/ day. The month of June is a time of year we look forward to every year, when we wind down a little and enjoy the river around us a little more. While we may start our days a little later and take in the scenery more often we are still fishing hard! The huge white Sturgeon of Hell’s Canyon will test your strength to the core. For those of you who have ever done battle with an 8 foot prehistoric giant of a fish you know what I am talking about! Many people walk away from our Sturgeon trips saying that it was one of the best times they have ever had fishing! We invite you to enjoy a day on the water with us and let us show you how special of a place we call home and what its flagship fish have to offer. For the rest of the month of June we are offering Catch and Release Sturgeon trips in Hell’s Canyon. Give us a call or check out the rest of our website for more information on these great trips. This is the perfect outing for family’s and people just looking to take in some sun and enjoy a relaxing day on the water.

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