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Clearwater River Steelhead Report

We have been experiencing great fishing on the Clearwater River. All our Clearwater River trips are done as an employee of Reel Time Fishing. The team at Reel Time had a great day today averaging 6-10 fish per boat for the 5 boats we had out today. All our fish are being caught side drifting egg and yarn combinations. Although fishing is currently very good we are having to cover a lot of water to find our biters. With water temps still in the lower 50’s the fish seem very spread throughout the system. We are finding fish in all different types of water, but this time of year we tend to see most of our success in the very head end of pools and in the tailouts. The reason behind this is that these fish are very actively moving and these seem to be the places that most often see holding fish. As water temps start to drop in the coming weeks we will start to see fish pool up in the deeper runs, but for now we are really focusing on the water that is 3-8 feet deep and in the heads or tailouts of holes.

For the next week it looks like we are going to see some rain and another increase in river flows. This should be good thing as it will get fish moving and redistributed throughout the river.

If you are interested in fishing this week we have boats open Friday and some dates throughout November. We consider the next four months November, December, January, and February to be the best months of the year to put trophy B-Run Steelhead in the boat.

Get ahold of me at 208-861-0654 for availability and I will walk you through the booking process with Reel Time Fishing.

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