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Clearwater River Steelhead Fishing Report

We had another good day fishing on Idaho’s Clearwater River today. Despite the high water and the cold temps we still found a bunch of fish to play with today. Over the past few days our go to approach has been Bobber dogging both beads and eggs. Some days they want the bead rigs and some days they want the eggs. Today it wall all beads. With the high water we have been experiencing over the last week the bobber dogging really lets us present out baits in the soft water near the bank, and keeps our gear fishing instead of being hung up all day.

We only have a couple of weeks left for chasing steelhead on Idaho’s Clearwater Rivers so if you have been thinking about a trip the time to make it happen is now. Give us a call at 208-669-1569 or 208-861-0654 and we will get your trip all set up.

For all Clearwater dates we work as employees of Reel Time Fishing.

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