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Clearwater River Idaho Steelhead Fishing Report

We had another fantastic day today fishing Idaho’s Clearwater River for huge B Run Steelhead. We landed a total of 9 Steelhead and had at least 18 confirmed hook ups. Fish is absolutely fantastic now as the large B Run Steelhead are showing up in force.

Our key to success today was fishing hard and covering a lot of water. The weather delt is a tough hand this morning due to a strong downstream canyon wind that was very reluctant to settle down. Our best fishing time was from 12 noon until dark as we found a bunch of willing in water we had already fished in the morning, but now with no wind to deal with. Our most successful technique has been side drifting eggs and yarn. This method allows us the ability to cover huge amounts of water. It is not unusual for us to fish 10-15 miles of river in a day looking for willing fish.

We work as part of the Reel Time Fishing team as employees to run all of our Clearwater River Trips. If you are interested is a Clearwater River adventure with us please give me a call at 208-861-0654. We currently have open boats starting this Monday through the week of Thanksgiving! Also we always like to point out that some of our best fishing happens in the months of December- February.

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