Best Trout Fishing of the year! American Falls Trout Fishing is on Fire!

The water has dropped and the trout fishing has gone into over drive. Brett Jones has been putting an absolute smack down on the big rainbows that call the Snake River below America Falls Dam home. Currently we have been averaging 30-40 fish per day. This is the best time of year to fly fish this amazing section of river. This is an amazing fishery that will go all winter long and into March.

If you are interested is some of the best catch and release fly fishing in the country then give Dani in our office a call at 208-669-1569 and we will get you all set up.

Clearwater River Steelhead Report

Kyle has now switched gears from Fall Salmon and is now spending all his time fishing Steelhead on the Clearwater and Snake Rivers. Last week was our first full week of steelhead fishing for the year and things have started out great. We fished all week on the Clearwater. Currently the water is very low and clear, so our tactics have changed a little bit from our normal side drifting program. We are still drifting eggs, yarn, and beads, but we have been spending a large portion of our day pulling plugs.

Plug fishing in these conditions allows us to present our gear to the fish before the influence of the boat affects the fish. By setting out the “wall of death” 75 feet below the boat we are able to drop our plugs into every little nook and cranny that these big steelhead like to hide.

Low and clear conditions are also a great time to fish with a float and jig. By positioning the boat above potential steelhead holding water we are able to drop small jigs into fish well before the boat gets there.

Fishing has been decent with most of our fish being caught before lunch. The steelhead action will improve greatly as we get some fall rains and a little more water in the river. With more water we will again go to side drifting as our number one technique, but in the mean time we are having fun hunting these fish with multiple techniques.

We have openings this week and plenty of open boats and seats in November. All of our Clearwater dates are done as employees of Reel Time Fishing so get in touch with us for available dates and we will get your trip all set up. Our office number at 208-669-1569 is the best way to reach us.

Hanford Reach Continues to fish Great!

Hanford Reach Fall Chinook

We have had an absolutely fantastic week on the Hanford Reach of the Columbia River, near tri cities, WA. We continue to catch all of our fish downstream trolling, with both Brads Superbaits and VIP Spinners. Trolling has enabled us to cover a ton of water and locate the fish willing to bite.

If you are looking to get out on the water with us we have just a few days left open. Sunday the 7th, Monday the 8th, and Tuesday the 9th open. Book online on this website or give our office a call at 208-669-1569 and let’s fill these last few dates, before we head home and target steelhead on Idaho’s Clearwater River.