Columbia River Walleye Fishing Report

Had a great start to our day today before the wind came up and blew us off the river. We had 6 fish in the box the first hour. All our fish were caught pulling worm harnesses on 3 oz bottom bouncers. We have lots of open dates for Walleye now – the end of June.

Columbia River Walleye Report

We continue to see some fantastic fishing for Columbia River Walleye. Yesterday we found most of our fish in just a few locations and concentrating on short trolls where were were getting bites was our key to success. Our fish over the past few days have been spitting up quite a few juvenile pacific lamprey. This seems to be a major food source for our Walleye this time of year. We have been using beads that resemble the color patterns of lamprey on our spinner rigs to sort of try and match the hatch, and constantly changing blade colors until we find the magic combination for the day. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors until you start getting bites.

We have a detailed article on how we go about fishing with spinner rigs for Columbia River Walleye here.

Columbia River Walleye!

We had another fantastic day of Walleye fishing yesterday on the Columbia River. We fished the past few days in the area around John Day Dam. Both jigging and trolling are producing lots of fish for us. Give our office a call and let’s get your trip booked. We have lots of open dates between now and June. Click here for an article that talks about how we go about trolling worm spinners for Walleye.

Columbia River Walleye Fishing!

The Walleye bite on the Columbia River is heating up! We had a great day today mostly jigging, but we also caught fish in worm spinners with bottom walkers. We have openings now through June for the best tasting white flesh fish that swim.