Hell’s Canyon Steelhead Fishing!

Snake River Steelhead

We are continuing to see great fishing in the lower end of Hell’s Canyon on the Snake River near Heller Bar. It’s been great to see all the keepers around too. Yesterday was awesome, nice Steelhead, no crowds, and 58 degrees in January!  We have a few openings over the next few weeks if you want to get out!  Click Here for more information on our Snake River Steelhead adventures.

Snake River Keeps Kicking out Steelhead

Snake River Steelhead

We had another great day fishing the Snake River out of Heller Bar. We ended our day 9-11 and kept 5 nice fish. Fishing the Snake for Steelhead continues to be a great option and we really think it’s going to fish great well into February!  Again today our key was fishing coon shrimp in our concoction. This mix just keeps on kicking out fish!  We have openings over the next few weeks so get in on this while the getting is good!  Ohh and did I mention that we had the river all to ourselves?!

Clearwater River Steelhead!

Check out this awesome fish from our day today on Idaho’s Clearwater River!  It’s great to see some fish looking like this late in the season. Overall our day was a little slower today, but we found a few of these beauties to play with. All our Clearwater trips are done as employees of Reel Time Fishing. We have plenty of open dates over the next few weeks and it’s looking to be a great February!  Click here for more Clearwater Fishing Information!

If you don’t have a chance to Steelhead fish with us make sure to catch up with us for a Walleye or Spring ChinookTrip!  It’s looking like a good year for both and we will be there to help get you on fish.  83991CC1-6E51-4053-8381-5B1028317A06

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Idaho’s Clearwater is Fishing Great!

This past week has been nothing short of fantastic on Idaho’s Clearwater River.  We had a great week of fishing and my boat landed 19 Steelhead on Thursday alone. All our fish are coming sidedrifting eggs and beads. It is shaping up to be a great February. We have lots of openings over the next few weeks. Get in touch with us to get your Clearwater Steelhead Trips Booked!  For all Clearwater dates we fish as employees of Reel Time Fishing.  For more info on our Clearwater River Steelhead click here

We will be fishing the Clearwater through February before we head East in search of Walleye on the Columbia River. Click Here  for more information


Snake River Steelhead Fishing Report

AF4ACED6-F3C5-46BD-9835-35FC36780509We had another fantastic day at the entrance to  Hells Canyon out of Heller Bar. We continue to do very well on Steelhead and we have been finding lots of keepers.  Success came today drifting shrimp put up in our little mix. This has been a great little trick for us. Stay tuned as we continue to develop a specific snake river recipe!  We might even share it with our readers.

We have openings next week so get in touch with Dani in our Office at 208-669-1569 or click Here to book online.


Idaho’s Clearwater River is Fishing great!

Yesterday the Snake, today the Clearwater, with the same awesome results! Fishing today on Idaho’s Clearwater River was fantastic!  The Clearwater had been “out” the past two days due to high water caused by heavy rain on low lying snow earlier in the week, but today the river was just dropping into the prime Steelhead green conditions. As you can see by the pictures we had an awesome day. We work for Reel Time Fishing for all Clearwater dates and between us and the other Reel Time Boat there were 25 Steelhead that hit the net. It’s shaping up to be a great spring of Steelhead fishing. Get in touch with us to get either your Clearwater Steelhead or Snake River Steelhead Trips Booked.

Snake River Steelhead Fishing is Going Strong

Snake River Steelhead


Take a look at these beautiful Snake River Steelhead. Fishing is great right now out of Heller Bar at the entrance to Hell’s Canyon. These fish are in great shape and it’s hard to beat the scenery. We have dates open this week and next to get in on the action. Give Dani in our office a call at 208-669-1569 and let’s get your Snake River Steelhead adventure on the books.

Snake River Steelhead Report

Snake River Steelhead

We had a fantastic day today on the Snake River at the entrance to Hell’s Canyon for hard fighting Steelhead.  Nothing quite like fishing for Steelhead in January with the temperature at close to 50 degrees! We landed a bunch of fish today and lost even more. We did very well side drifting both beads and shrimp. By the great number of fish around the Heller Bar area we expect the fishing to be good well into February.  We have openings the next few weeks, so give Dani in our office a call at 208-669-1569 and let’s get your trip booked.

Clearwater River Steelhead Report

Idaho’s Clearwater River has been fishing fantastic this past week with our boats averaging 7-15 fish landed per day. We have been getting all our fish side drifting both eggs and yarn combinations, and pegged beads. It’s really looking like fishing is going to remain good all winter and we have lots of open dates the rest of the month of January and the Month of February. This is the time of year we experience our most consistent fishing and highest catch rates.  Check out the video below of this weekends crew having a blast catching B-Run Steelhead on Idaho’s Clearwater River.  All our Clearwater trips are done as employees of Idaho Outfitter Reel Time Fishing. For more information on our Clearwater River Fishing trips click Here.